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Original Article A study on the Status of Air and Water Pollutants Emission from Industries in Korea .
Chul Hwan Cha, Chang Supp Jang, Hyung Won Kim, Young Ja Sung
Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health 1973;6(1):27-41
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In order to provide some basic data for the control of air water pollution in Korea, the suthors have estimated the amount of air and water pollutant emitted from industries which are employed over 20 employes. This study have done from July 1, 1972 to the end March 1973. The results are as follows: 1. Total number of establishments tith over 20 employees is 5,197 in Korea and the largest gorup establishments was the manufacturing of texttiles with 1,363 establishments(26.2%). 2. By order of number of employees it was observed that there 2,800 industries with 20-59(53.9%) employees, 1,101 with 50-99(21.2%), 571 with 100-199(11.0%), 501 with 200-499(9.6%) and 225with over 500(4.3%) respectively. 3. By order of regional distribution, it was observed that there were 2,257 industries in Seoul (43.3%) and 736 industries in Pusan(14.2%). 4. Industrial coal consumption was 596,154 M/T in 1972, but it'11 be 315,000 M/T in 1980, Fuel consumption was 4,972,000 K1 in 1972, and estimated volume will be 19,3700,000 K1 in 1980. 5. Ttotal amounts of air polutants emitted from industris by fuel combustion were sulfur oxides 79,459 tons, carbon monoxide 33,908 tons, particulate 31,304 tons and hydrocarbon 30,280 tons in 1972 but in 1990 there will be sulfur oxides 1,010,474 tons, nitrogen oxides 204,575 tons, carbon monoxide 68,014 tons, particulate 64,820 tons and hydrocarbon 67,622 tons, respectively. 6. Annual emitted air pollutants through the working processes were sulfur oxides 91,250 tons and nitrogen oxides 32,485 tons in 1972, but sulfur oxieds 118,625 tons and nitrogen oxides 42,555 tons will be present in 1980, respectively. 7. Annual emitted air pollutants by national unit area amounted to 0.77 tons/km2/year in 1965 and 14.7 ton/km2/year in 1980. 8. Total industrial wastes from all industries in Korea were estimated at 810,360 tons/day in 1972; manufacturing of chemicals and plastic products showed the highest amount of wastes at 470,000 tons/day. 9. The amounts of water pollutants due to industrial wastes were the .B.O.D., 471.5 tons/day,suspended solid 331.5 tons/day, CN, 2.3 tons/day, and Cr. 3. 4 tons/day in 1972, but it might be evident of a B.O.D of 3.388 tons/day, suspended solid 2,544 tons/day, CN 20.1 tons/day, and 26.5 tons/day in 1990. 10. Total population equivalent of B.O.D. was 943,000 in 1972, and the estimated value in 1990 will be6, 780, 000.

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