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Original Article A study on the Physique and Bodily Strength of the Enlisted Men of Marine Corps in Korea.
Young Soo Shin
Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health 1973;6(1):87-100
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The purposeof this project is offering fundamental and proper informations for the better health control and personnel management of the enlisted men of Marine corps. Korea. Survey has been done under 1,001 marine enlisted men for the purpose of understanding their condition of physique, vital capacity, and bodily strength. 1. Under the subject of physique, 7 items, body weight, chest-girth, relative body weight, relative chest-girth, Vervaeck index, and Roethrer index are listed, and under the subject of vital capacity, BTPS vital capacity and percent predicted vital capacity are listed, and under the subject of bodily strength, 7 items, grasping power, chining-up, throwing a hanp-grenade, forward jumping, sitting-up, 100 meter sprinting, are listed. The total items are 16 and mean score of each one is as follow. 1) physique. a. Height : 168+/-0.15cm. b. Body weight : 62.7+/-0.17kg. c. Chest-grith : 91.4+/-0.16cm. d. Relative body-girth : 37.2+/-0.09. e. Relative Chest-girth : 54.3+/-0.10. f. Vervaeck index : 91.6+/-0.15. g. Roehere index : 1.31+/-0.003. 2) Vital capacity. a. BTPS vital capacity : 4470+/-20cc. b. %Predicted vital capacity : 150+/-5.1% 3) Bodily strength. a. Grasping Power : 41.4+/-0.26kg. b. Chining-up : 5.7+/-0.10. c. Throwing a hand-grenade : 39.7+/-0.20m. d. Forward jumping : 214+/-0.58cm. e. Sitting-up : 19.1+/-0.25. . Pushing-up : 22.1+/-0.18. g. 100 meter sprinting : 16.1+/-0.04sec. 2. Comparative analysis has been done about the conditional classes of marine enlisted men with the results of above mentioned 16 items. 7 classes according to the branches, 3 according to the ranks, 9 according to the length of service are adopted respectively.

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JPMPH : Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health