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Original Article 10-year analysis of blood lipid profile and other risk factors among aircrew members in Korea.
In Ho Kwak, Yong Ho Lee
Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health 1993;26(3):387-399
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Department of Preventive Medicine, In Ha University Medical School, Korea.

This study was conducted to analyzed blood lipid profile and other risk factors among crew members who are currently active and had more than 10 years of experience as crew members. Data was analyzed using medical record files in an airline medical department. The results are as follows. 1. The total number of crew members studied was 392. Among age groups, those below age 40 consisted of 26(6.9% of the total), those in age 41~50 were 135(34.4%) and those over age 51 were 230(58.7%). 263 were former air force pilots consisting 66.9%. Those who had captain status numbered 211 comprising 53.7% of the total. The type of aircraft most of the crew members involved were large size aircraft which totaled 268(68.2%). With respect to the number of working years as crew members, 488(48.9%) comprised the largest group with 11~15 years. 2. The rate of smoking among crew members has shown gradual decrease with 50.3% smoking in 1983 to 33.6% in 1993. Among 41~50 age group the rate has shown a decrease from 20.9% to 13.3%. In those group over age 51 it decreased from 25.5% to 16.6%. But group below age 40 were within the range of 3.6~3.8% with no significant change in the rate of smoking. 3. Body Mass Index in age group over 51 was slightly higher than other age groups. On the whole, BMI over 25 was not found. 4. The total cholesterol levels of those below age 40 were 196.9+/-38.5 mg/dl, 216.2+/-39.2 mg/dl in ages 41~50, and 225.1+/-42.5 mg/dl in age group over 51. No significant difference was found among age groups. 5. HDL-cholesterol levels of over age 50 were higher than other age group and ranged from 40~55 mg/dl. 6. LDL-cholesterol levels of those over 51 were 126.7+/-37.7 mg/dl higher than other age groups. But there were no significant changes in all age during 10 years of follow up. 7. Cardiac index of age group below age 40 was 3.8, 4.3 in age group 41~50 and 4.5 in those over age 51 group. No significant changes among groups were found during the follow up period. 8. Triglyceride levels of age group below age 40 was 142.2+/-70.1, 167.3+/-77.5 in age group of 41~50 and 173.6+/-89.7 in age group over 50 showing that triglyceride levels increased with age. No significant changes in pattern were noted.

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