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Original Article Skin Diseases of Female Workers in Silk Reeling Industry.
Doo Hie Kim
Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health 1976;9(1):117-122
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The occupational skin diseases in an industry of silk reeling located in Daegu city of Korea were analyzed by inspection through a mass survey for improving the workers' health, November, 1975. The subjects, 177 persons were all females, and were distributed at 18-38 years old. About two thirds were under 25 years old. The mean age was 23.6 years. The incidence of skin diseases was about 53%. It was generally divided into groups; -the epidermic changes of those were most frequent, 47.5%, the allergic reactions were 14.7%, and athlete's foot was only four cases, 2.3%. Most frequent signs of epidermic changes was the wornout nail, 32.3%; and the keratolysis, 28.8%; and the callus, 15.3% were followed in order. Theses were significant in five per cent level between the sections of the silk reeling and the manufacturing;-Allergic reactions and worn-out nail were more frequent in the manufacturing group than the silk reeling, and keratolysis and callus were inverted proportionally. Allergic reactions were occurred within a few months from first entrance time, and it was more frequent in the group exposed to same allergen in the past than the continuing group form first. Most of the appearing sites of theses were hands, and infrequently, it was occurred in the face, neck, trunk, knee and feet. These epidermic changes except allergic phenomena were appeared in the fingers, palmal and dorsal surface of hands frequently contacted. But these changes and allergic reactions were generally combined with two or more kinds.

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JPMPH : Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health