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Wankyo Chung 1 Article
Impact of Regional Cardiocerebrovascular Centers on Myocardial Infarction Patients in Korea: A Fixed-effects Model
Sang Guen Cho, Youngsoo Kim, Youngeun Choi, Wankyo Chung
J Prev Med Public Health. 2019;52(1):21-29.   Published online November 28, 2018
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The Regional Cardiocerebrovascular Center (RCCVC) Project designated local teaching hospitals as RCCVCs, in order to improve patient outcomes of acute cardiocerebrovascular emergencies by founding a regional system that can adequately transfer and manage patients within 3 hours. We investigated the effects of RCCVC establishment on treatment volume and 30-day mortality.
We constructed a panel dataset by extracting all acute myocardial infarction cases that occurred from 2007 to 2016 from the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service claims data, a national and representative source. We then used a panel fixed-effect model to estimate the impacts of RCCVC establishment on patient outcomes.
We found that the number of cases of acute myocardial infarction that were treated increased chronologically, but when the time effect and other related covariates were controlled for, RCCVCs only significantly increased the number of treatment cases of female in large catchment areas. There was no statistically significant impact on 30-day mortality.
The establishment of RCCVCs increased the number of treatment cases of female, without increasing the mortality rate. Therefore, the RCCVCs might have prevented potential untreated deaths by increasing the preparedness and capacity of hospitals to treat acute myocardial infarction patients.
Korean summary
권역심뇌혈관질환센터 설립 사업은 지역별로 심뇌혈관센터를 지정/육성하여, 심뇌혈관질환 발생시 3시간 이내 진료체계를 구축함으로써 급성심근경색과 뇌졸중의 급성기 응급상황에 대한 대응을 강화하고자 시행되었다. 본 연구는 권역심뇌혈관질환센터 설립 정책으로 인해 시술 건수와 30일 내 사망 등과 같은 치료 성과가 지역 수준에서 향상되었는지 살펴보기 위해 건강보험 청구자료로 지역 수준 패널자료를 구축하여 권역심뇌혈관질환센터 설립의 효과를 추정하였다. 분석 결과, 시계열적 효과와 관련 변수를 통제하였을 때 권역심뇌혈관질환센터 설립 이후 설립 지역에서 여성의 치료 사례 수가 통계적으로 유의하게 증가하였고, 사망률은 유의미한 변화가 관찰되지 않았다. 따라서 권역심뇌혈관질환센터 설립은 대비성 향상과 치료 사례 수 증가를 통해 추가적인 치료를 받은 급성심근경색 환자의 잠재적인 원외 사망을 방지하는 효과가 있는 것으로 판단된다.


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