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Original Article Effects of Mitomycin C on Sister Chromatid Exchanges in Cultured Human Lympocytes.
In Dam Hwang, No Suk Ki, Jeong Sang Lee, Nam Song Kim, Tae ll Mun
Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health 1986;19(2):244-251
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Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Chonbuk National University Medical College, Korea.

Sister chromatid exchanges(SCEs) and cell cycle kinetics were proposed as a sensitive and quantitative assay for mutagenicity and cytotoxicity in short-term cultures of phytohemagglutinin(PHA)-stimulated human lymphocytes. Therefore, this study was performed to investigate the relation between the cytotoxic effects and sister chromatid exchanges. The results are summarized as follows: 1) The frequency of SCEs per cell are 13.1+/-2.8 in the lower concentration of 6.25x10(-9) M and 75.8+/-8.2 in the highest concentration of 1.00+/-10(-7) M. Mitotic index is decreased in the higher concentration of mitomycin C. The result indicates that mitomycin C led to a dose dependent increase in SCE frequency, but decrease in mitotic index. 2) Chromosomal analysis was performed on metaphase cells that have divided one, two, and three or more times for cell cycle kinetics by fluorescence-plus-Giemsa(FPG) technique. According to the increased but the cells of third division are greatly decreased. 3) The frequency of SCEs per chromosome by chromocomal group are decreased gradually from A group to G group. But relationships between specific chromosomal group and SCEs frequency are not found.

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JPMPH : Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health