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Spatial Analysis of Air Pollution and Lung Cancer Incidence and Mortality in 7 Metropolitan Cities in Korea. .
Seung Sik Hwang, Jin Hee Lee, Gyu Won Jung, Jeong Hun Lim, Ho Jang Kwon
J Prev Med Public Health. 2007;40(3):233-238.
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We aimed to assess the relationship between long-term exposure to air pollution and lung cancer in the Republic of Korea. METHODS: Using the Annual Report of Ambient Air Quality in Korea, Annual Report of National Cancer Registration, and Annual Report on the Cause of Death Statistics, we calculated the standardized mortality ratio (SMR) and standardized incidence ratio (SIR) of lung cancer for both sexes in 74 areas from 7 Korean metropolitan cities. We performed random intercept, Poisson regression using empirical Bayes method. RESULTS: Both SMRs and SIRs in the 7 metropolitan cities were higher in women than in men. Mean SIRs were 99.0 for males and 107.0 for females. The association between PM(10) and lung cancer risk differed according to gender. PM(10) was not associated with the risk of lung cancer in males, but both incidence and mortality of lung cancer were positively associated with PM(10) in females. The estimated percentage increases in the rate of female lung cancer mortality and incidence were 27% and 65% at the highest PM(10) category (> or = 70 microgram/m(3)), compared to the referent category (<50 microgram/m(3)). CONCLUSIONS: Long-term exposure to PM(10) was significantly associated with female lung cancer incidence in 7 Korean metropolitan cities. Further study is undergoing to estimate the relative risk of PM(10) using multi-level analysis for controlling individual and regional confounders such as smoking and socioeconomic position.


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A Case-control Study of the Relationships between Reproductive Factors and Degree of Dysplasia of the Colorectal Adenoma and Cancer.
Se Young Lee, Won Chul Lee, Kyu Yong Choi, Mi Kyung Kim, Jin Hee Lee, Kwang Ho Meng
Korean J Prev Med. 2003;36(3):279-288.
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Evidence for an effect of reproductive factors on colorectal carcinogenesis is not yet consistent. Little research has been conducted to investigate whether reproductive factors were associated with colorectal adenomas that are the precursors of colorectal cancer. We evaluated the relationships between reproductive factors and the degree of dysplasia of the colorectal adenoma and cancer as colorectal adenoma-carcinoma sequence. METHODS: For this study, 241 adenoma cases with histo-pathologically confirmed incident colorectal adenoma, 76 cancer cases with colorectal cancer and 1677 controls were collected from Our Lady of Mercy Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea, during 1994-1999. Before colonoscopy, information on demographic characteristics, reproductive factors, life style habits and dietary intake were obtained by interviewed questionnaire. Adjusted OR and 95% CI were estimated by using polytomous logistic regression model. Potential confounders that were selected based on the goodness of fit statistics and interaction between risk factors were considered in this adjustment. The Wald statistic was calculated to test the heterogeneity of the odds ratios for each case. RESULTS: Postmenopausal women with natural menopause were found to be positively associated with the risk of mild dysplasia adenoma (multivariate-adjusted OR : 2.59, 95% CI=1.1-6.2). Parity was found to be negatively associated with the risk of colorectal cancer (age-adjusted OR : 0.40, 95% CI=0.2-0.9), but did not significantly decrease the risk of colorectal cancer (multivariate-adjusted OR : 0.95, 95% CI=0.3-2.9). No associations were seen between age at menarche, breast feeding, induced abortion, oral contraceptive use, menopausal types, menopausal age or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the degree of dysplasia of the colorectal adenoma and cancer. However, none of these associations differed significantly between the degree of dysplasia of the colorectal adenoma and cancer. CONCLUSIONS: These findings suggest that postmenopausal women with natural menopause may experience increased risk of mild dysplasia adenoma among colorectal adenoma-carcinoma sequence.
Physician Utilization and its Determinants in Rural and Urban Slun Areas.
Jin Hee Lee, Kee Ho Ko, Yong Sik Kim, Jung Ae Rhee
Korean J Prev Med. 1988;21(2):404-418.
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The household survey was performed in a urban slum and a rural Chonnam areas to measure the level of illness and medical care utilization and to find the determinants of physician utilization. The data revealed that age-adjusted prevalence rates of acute and chronic diseases were much the same in both areas ranged between 10.0 to 11.3%. But medical care utilization was more frequent in urban slum than in rural area. The facility of the first medical contact was also different. Some personal and disease related variables including disease severity and activity restricted day were significantly, but somewhat differently by area, associated with physician utilization pattern. When applying Anderson model, the medical need factors explained 42.2 and 40.4% of physician utilization in urban slum and in rural areas respectively, while the enabling factors explained 18.0 and 12.2% and the predisposing factors explained 17.1 and 8.9% correspondingly.
A Study on the Serum Nickel Concentration During Delivery.
Kee Ho Ko, Jin Hee Lee, Gwang Wook Lee, Jin Su Choi
Korean J Prev Med. 1988;21(2):351-356.
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To evaluate the possible functional role of serum during the process of parturition, 15 serum samples were collected and analyzed for the nickel concentrations in each 3 groups(Group 1 for the period during parturition, Group 2 for the period from delivery of fetus to delivery of placenta, and Group 3 for the period after delivery of placenta) of normal, uncomplicated full term vaginal delivery and one control group composed of healthy unmarried women in 3rd decades of age. Data revealed that average serum nickel concentration of Group 2(26.6 microgram/l) and Group 1(22.2 microgram/l) were significantly higher than that of Control group(13.7 microgram/l), but Group 3's(13.8 microgram/l) was almost same as Control group's. There were significant negative correlation between age and serum nickel concentration in group 2, and a tendency of higher nickel concentration in women who have no previous experiences of pregnancy than who have previous experiences of pregnancy, although it was not significant. These result could be indicative of close causal relationship between serum nickel concentration and the entire process of parturition.

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